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Post Secret rules

What am I supposed to post?
Something that resembles a postcard. Vertical/horizontal, front/back, etc. 400 X 600 pixels maximum. You may post both sides of your post card.

How do I make these things?
With Image Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, *or* doodle one and scan it. You may upload these works of art to any image hosting service, e.g. Photobucket.

What do I put on them?
Anything you want, as long as it includes at least a few words. (The 50-200 word limit does not apply to Post Secrets). Of course, it also has to relate to the prompt. Search PostSecret for ideas.
You can get as fancy or be as simple as you like.

Whose secret is this anyway?
A character in your fanfic, your RP character, or your original character.
Your character's secret need not be earth-shattering or angsty. A secret can be silly too.
You don't have to divulge which character it is, but do say whether it's a fanfic (and which fandom), RP or original character.

What about NWS images?
Do NOT post them in the comments.
If you need to include NWS images, please leave a comment (with clear NWS warnings) linking to your own LJ or Web site.

How many points will I get for these things?
An extra +4 on top of the points of your chosen prompt.
So if your chosen prompt is +1 --> +5, +2 --> +6, +3 --> +7. If you do land on the player’s choice square, simply add +4 to your total points.
e.g. Prompt: Pet +3, Character: Drugged +2, Action: Cradle +1
You manage to include everything in a single Post Secret.
Your total points are: (+3 +2 +1) +4 = 10 points.

How many Post Secrets can I make in one game?
You can only post a maximum of three Post Secrets in one game.


And now it makes perfect sense. Good explanation.
=D Glad it's clear to you now. I've posted my first Post Secret over at the game!